These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the provision of services, to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. Booking confirmations made verbally or via written forms (i.e. emails or letters) are subjected to these terms and conditions of service. Please read carefully before proceeding to order our products and services. By going ahead to order our products or services, it is taken that you have agreed to the terms presented in this section.

Please note that these terms do not replace or affect your statutory rights. For this write-up, “you” and “your” refer to the customer(s) and “we”, “us”, “Lavish Party Events LLC” and “our” refer to Lavish Party Events LLC. Lavish Party Events LLC accepts no variation of these terms and conditions unless agreed in advance in writing.


To secure the services of Lavish Party Events LLC, we request a 50% deposit of your required service fees total to secure the date of your booking. This is treated as a pre-payment for your event until seven days before the event, as such payment becomes a non-refundable deposit at this time.


In the event of cancellation, fourteen (14) days minimum notice in writing to Lavish Party Events LLC before the planned event is required to avoid the full invoice being charged. Booking deposits are transferable or refundable until seven (7) days before the event date unless previously discussed in writing. Full payment is required if any of the above terms are not met.


All verbal and emailed quotations will be valid for seven (7) days from the date of enquiry. Lavish Party Events LLC cannot guarantee that your date will be available after these seven days. To confirm a booking, the client must provide a 50% booking deposit either by cash or electronic transfer not later than seven (7) days of receiving an invoice. The remaining balance is due the week of the event date, and not later than the day before the event itself. Any additional hours or services requested on the event date must be paid prior or on the day of the event unless a contract is prepared and signed stating otherwise.


Adequate parking is required for all events and must be provided by the client. If Lavish Party Events LLC is providing mobile bars, stock, ice or glasses, suitable unloading and loading locations must be provided. Any delays to service arising from poor unloading facilities will not be the responsibility of Lavish Party Events LLC.


The bartender(s) will provide services for the agreed service hours, spanning from the starting time till the ending time stipulated in your booking and confirmed with you on your invoice. This time cannot be adjusted by any more than one hour, either earlier or later than the original starting and ending times. The bartender(s) reserve the right not to provide service after the ending time. We will always make drink-making our priority. If you are providing your stock, glassware, bar, and ice, we will advise on this with a shopping list service. If you provide inadequate or poor supplies of any of these materials, it may impair your enjoyment of the drinks and Lavish Party Events LLC cannot be held responsible for this.


When providing the Complete Cocktail Service (where the Bartender supplies mobile bar, staffing, drinks, glassware, ice, and delivery), we estimate for a reasonable number of drinks per person. If the client supplies incorrect information relating to the number of guests, our estimations will be incorrect, and this can jeopardize the longevity of drinks supplies. We do not provide an unlimited amount of drinks when supplying this service. Any stock remaining at the specified end time will be taken back by Lavish Party Events LLC.


When glassware is hired by the client, we will aim to provide this from our resources. However, in some circumstances (due to availability or locality), we may have to use a third-party company who may want to deliver on different days surrounding your event. In this case, we will liaise with clients and such third-party company to ensure delivery and collection are briefed and prepared correctly in the interests of all parties. All glassware is audited after the event, and the client will be charged for each broken or lost glass. If Lavish Party Events LLC collects glassware after the event, we will need to charge a collection fee. It is advisable to make a note of glassware numbers at this point to ensure that you are billed correctly after the event for any lost or broken glassware.


We treat all complaints regarding our service, either in advance, during or after the event seriously. If you are not happy with the services while the party is happening, the best thing to do is speak with the staff on site and see if the problem can be rectified. If this is difficult or unrealistic to do, please call us directly. Your event cannot be replicated at a later date, so we need to know as soon as possible if there is a way for us to enhance your enjoyment during your event; right there and then.


We are not responsible for acquiring temporary event licensing, and we promote responsible drinking. All our mixologists/bartenders are certified, and we carry Liability Insurance through Farmers Insurance Co, up to one million dollars.


Rates and invoices are subject to change dependent on client’s requirements, additional hours and stock. Lavish Party Events LLC will give reasonable notice to the client regarding changes to rates and invoices and rates set out in the quote provided to the client shall not change. Any additional hours not previously discussed will be charged at the full hourly rate, regardless of discount applied at the time of booking.


The Bartender has general liability insurance for all events. Insurance via Farmers Insurance Co. General Liability: $2,000,000.


If full payment is not received by the event date, we will be unable to provide our services and any deposits pre-paid will be non-refundable.


The Bartender shall not be liable for any delay, loss or cancellation of service arising from contingencies beyond their control, e.g. hurricane, snow-caused road closure, flooding and other ‘acts of God’. However, if the Bartender is at fault, a full refund will be issued. Although we do aim to provide highly professional and satisfactory services, the Bartender is not responsible for the success or non- success of an event. We ask that the client thoroughly checks through the invoice to ensure that the venue’s address, mobile contact, times and date are correct. We cannot be held accountable if our bartenders are late and cannot contact the client to confirm. Likewise, we provide you with an out-of-office mobile contact in the case of the above.

Thank you for taking your time to read our guidelines. We, at Lavish Party Events LLC, will always strive to ensure that your event day is a special day, by delivering satisfactory and outstanding services.